About the Company 

MTA Energy was established by industry experts who have extensive local and international experience across all aspects of energy and infrastructure investment, development, financing, delivery and operations.

Our Vision

To be a recognised and valued long-term energy partner to select clients in the commercial and industrial sectors in the Australian Energy Market. 

Our Mission

To develop and deliver innovative electricity and carbon offset supply solutions and services reducing overall long-term energy costs. We want to provide our customers with greater certainty and control over their energy costs.


Why We Do What We Do

MTA's solutions address the gaps associated with current methods of procuring and managing energy supply including electricity cost instability, lack of transparency from legacy retailers, long duration fixed and inflexible contracts and minimal innovation in the sector.

The integration and ongoing management solution results in energy cost savings which typically exceed 25% below fixed tariff alternatives from legacy retailers.

Furthermore, the energy sector in Australia is undergoing significant disruption driven by several convergent forces.

  1. Increasing cost competitiveness of renewable and distributed energy supply technologies coupled with increased environmental and social obligations.​​

  2. Decreasing energy consumption and increasing demand volatility, driven broadly by de-industrialisation, rooftop solar, renewable generation and increased energy efficient equipment (e.g. LED lights).

  3. Increased customer visibility and control of consumption by leveraging the benefits of internet connected devices (IoT) and cloud services.

  4. Regulatory changes focused on increased competition, the use of Demand Management Technologies (DMT) and Distributed Resources (DER) to enable more efficient use of current transmission and distribution assets.

Our Team

Gareth Mann 

Managing Director

Gareth is the Managing Director of MTA Energy Pty Ltd possessing over 35 years of international experience in Energy and Infrastructure development, financing and operations management. 

Operating at CEO/MD level for both local and international energy & infrastructure developers, owners and operators, Gareth is well placed to assist clients with the broad range of issues facing industry in a dynamic an changing energy environment. This includes corporate strategy and development, commercial and risk management, business case development, mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, financial management, project investment & financing, project and asset development, asset management, bid and transaction management, and program/ project management. 

James Groombridge

Head of Risk & Analysis

Within Australia, James has managed a $300m electricity derivative portfolio for Australian Power & Gas prior to it being acquired by AGL. James has also held the role of Head of Wholesale at Mojo Power and worked for a boutique private equity firm whose portfolio of businesses included energy retailers and large-scale renewable energy assets. 

More recently, he has provided independent consultancy services to a wide array of clients, including large renewable energy asset owners, start-up energy retailers and large industrials. The service provided covers areas comprising overall energy market analytics, hedging strategy development and implementation, risk identification, mitigation and on0-going management, portfolio construction and optimisation, and load and demand forecasting techniques. 

Fredrick Mwenye

Financial Controller

Fredrick is a CA accomplished accounting and finance professional with broad industry experience and strong systems skills. His industry experience spans energy technology, manufacturing, mining, agro-industry, financial services, media, and more.

Within the energy technology space Fredrick, spent over four years with a US based global technology entity providing energy management solutions to businesses and professional services consulting. During this time he was recognised for having a track record in company restructuring and a talent for building finance teams. 

Fredrick's specialist expertise includes rigorous cost management, facilitating new product development, cash flow management, keeping finance costs to a minimum, productivity and embedding financial ownership across management teams to ensure superior budgetary performance. 

Jeff Starcher


Jeff is a recognised senior energy executive with more than 30 years of diverse business and energy sector experience. He was an active participant and adviser in structuring the deregulation of the electricity supply sector in Texas with his subsequent business experience specifically focused on the independent electricity retail section this sector.


Jeff has also been the founding member of two successful independent retailers - Mpower & MP2 Energy - operating in the Ercot market.

His expertise covers deregulated energy market enterprise operations, project development, project finance, risk management, asset management and asset optimisation. 

MTA Team

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