About Us

MTA Energy was established to serve the unique needs of commercial and industrial  customers looking for alternative solutions to their energy needs.

MTA Energy was established by industry experts who have extensive local and international experience across all aspects of energy and infrastructure investment development, financing, delivery and operations.

Our Vision

MTA’s vision and objective is to be a recognised and valued long-term energy partner to select clients in the commercial and industrial sectors in the Australian energy market, by providing integrated energy services directly focused on client energy cost reduction. Our mission is to develop and deliver innovative solutions and services (both technology and commercially innovative) that reduce the overall energy costs for our customers over the long-term and provide our customers with greater certainty and control of those energy costs. 


The energy sector in Australia is undergoing significant disruption driven by several convergent forces. 


  1. Increasing cost competitiveness of renewable and distributed energy supply technologies coupled with increased environmental obligations. 

  2. Decreasing energy consumption and increasing demand volatility, driven by de-industrialisation, rooftop solar/renewable generation and increased energy efficient equipment (e.g. LED lights). 

  3. Increased Customer visibility and control of consumption by leveraging the benefits of internet connected devices (IoT) and cloud services. 

  4. Regulatory change focused on increased use of Demand Management Technologies (DMT) and Distributed Energy Resources (DER) to enable more efficient use of current transmission and distribution assets.


Our Solution 

We provide clients a single fully integrated service which combines Energy Efficiency Technologies (including load control, monitoring and reporting via IoT), with Distributed Energy Resource Technologies (Solar PV & Storage) further coupled with an ‘in front of meter” Retail solution.

This “wrapping” as an integrated solution to meet a client’s requirement, coupled with direct access to the energy sector experience and technical services of MTA, enables customers to rapidly reduce their current electricity costs and carbon footprint, then establish energy management strategies in a significantly cost reduced and stabilised environment. 

MTA About Us Summary

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