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Best & Less Awards Integrated Energy Supply Contract to MTA Energy

Updated: May 3, 2021

MTA Energy has been developing an Energy Supply solution for Commercial and Industrial customers which is based on integrating new and emerging Energy Management and Control technologies, onsite Solar PV and Energy Storage along with the MTA Electricity Retail capability.

The solution enables MTA to deliver to its client partners a low-cost electricity solution which is based on sustainable practices and leverages renewable technologies. Clients are then able to establish a controlled and predictable path to a lower carbon emissions operation whilst simultaneously lowering energy costs.

MTA delivers these solutions in an open and transparent engagement model with its client partners, which enables those clients to actively shape the energy solution to their unique business needs. This novel commercial approach is particularly relevant to the emerging two-way energy market opportunities where Demand Management and Energy Storage capability will yield significant benefits to customers and the network.

MTA is very pleased to announce it has been awarded an Integrated Supply Solution contract based on this approach by Best & Less Pty Ltd.

The initial rollout will include the Best & Less Distribution Centre at Eastern Creek NSW, the Service Centre in Leichhardt and 46 stores in NSW.

The approach will involve an Energy Management System (EMS) across all the sites, based on the SimbleSense technology, a solar PV installation at Eastern Creek developed in phases up to 1100kW with potential for future installation of Energy Storage System capability and an MTA retail electricity supply solution.

MTA will manage the overall energy solution implementation and its ongoing management via the SimbleSense platform which has been “white branded” to MTA Energy and subsequently adapted to MTA needs.

The initial phases of the project commenced in late 2018 with MTA utilising the cloud-based SaaS EMS system combined with WattWatcher IoT devices to analyse load patterns and consumption at the DC. This resulted in significantly enhance visibility of individual loads at the DC and consequently significant energy costs savings exceeding 30%. The extension of this work to the additional sites along with the inclusion of the MTA retail solution now enables B&L to monitor and manage the energy spend across its diverse multiple sites as a virtual single site. This will enhance the savings and accelerate B&L’s sustainable outcomes.


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