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Best & Less Extend MTA Integrated Energy Supply Agreement to National Responsibility

Updated: May 17, 2021

As an authorised electricity retailer operating in the National Electricity Market (NEM), MTA Energy has created a unique offering for commercial and industrial customers. We have integrated wholesale electricity market access with a service delivery model that leverages data analytics, a cloud-based EMS system, solar PV and demand management. The net result is significant reductions in electricity consumption levels coupled with significantly reduced costs. The ensuing benefits include verifiable and accurate Net Zero Carbon electricity supply opportunities driven by consumption reduction and then carbon offset strategies.

MTA has been working with Best & Less (B&L) since May 2020. The initial project scope included a core group of 50 sites in NSW including the B&L Distribution Centre at Eastern Creek and the main Service Centre at Leichhardt. This preliminary roll out of our Integrated Energy supply model has proven successful with Best & Less seeing significant savings in their consumption and electricity costs. As a result, the contract scope has officially been increased to include all B&L stores within the NEM (NSW, VIC, QLD & SA).

MTA is pleased with the results achieved with Best & Less and continues to work on improving processes and exploring new opportunities in under-serviced areas of the electricity supply industry. Our aim is to increase overall transparency, working directly with clients to create energy solutions that directly benefit their individual needs.

“Along with the welcome cost reductions associated with the MTA Electricity Retail Model, the increased visibility on our consumption patterns, potential areas of savings and overall portfolio management for our multi-site operations has proven to be a significant benefit.”

– Andrew Moore, Best & Less CFO

Graph 1: Distribution Centre Individual Load Diagnostics

Graph 2: Portfolio Load Profile Visualisation & Analytics


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