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MTA Energy and Simble Solutions Ltd (ASX:SIS) Announce Best & Less Contract Expansion

SYDNEY: May 18, 2021: Building on two-plus years of strong collaboration in Australia’s increasingly competitive energy marketplace, Simble Solutions Ltd and MTA Energy have announced that Best & Less has extended and expanded the MTA Integrated Energy Supply contract to include all B&L stores within the NEM. In this contract MTA will use SimbleSense as the Energy Management and Control system.

As an authorised electricity retailer operating in the National Electricity Market, MTA Energy has created a unique offering for commercial and industrial customers. MTA integrates wholesale electricity market access with a service delivery model that leverages data analytics, a cloud-based EMS system, solar PV and demand management. The net result is significant reductions in electricity consumption and Co2 emission levels coupled with significantly reduced costs. The ensuing benefits include verifiable and accurate Net Zero Carbon electricity supply opportunities driven by consumption reduction and then carbon offset strategies.

MTA has been supplying electricity to Best & Less (B&L) since May 2020. The initial project scope included a core group of 50 sites in NSW including the B&L Distribution Centre at Eastern Creek and the main Service Centre at Leichhardt. This preliminary roll out of an Integrated Energy supply model has proven extremely successful with Best & Less seeing significant savings in their consumption and electricity costs. As a result, the contract scope has been increased to include all B&L stores within the NEM.

The approach will involve an Energy Management System (EMS) across all the sites, based on Simble’s Energy & IoT Analytics Platform, SimbleSense, along with a solar PV installation at Eastern Creek developed with capability for future installation of an Energy Storage System/Demand Management System and all integrated into the MTA retail electricity supply solution.

MTA has managed the overall energy solution implementation and its ongoing management via the SimbleSense platform which has been “white labelled” to MTA Energy and subsequently configured to MTA needs.

The initial phases of the project commenced in late 2018 with MTA utilising the SimbleSense cloud-based Energy Management system combined with WattWatcher IoT devices to analyse load patterns and consumption at the B&L Distribution Center at Eastern Creek. This resulted in significantly enhance visibility of individual loads at the DC and consequently significant energy costs savings exceeding 30%.

The extension of this work to include all B&L stores along with the inclusion of the MTA Retail Electricity Supply solution now enables B&L to monitor and manage the energy spend across its diverse multiple sites as a virtual single site. This will enhance the savings and accelerate B&L’s sustainable outcomes.

“Along with the welcome cost reductions associated with the MTA Electricity Retail Model, the increased visibility on our consumption patterns, potential areas of savings and overall portfolio management for our multi-site operations has proven to be a significant benefit.”

– Andrew Moore, Best & Less CFO

About Simble Solutions Limited:

Simble Solutions Limited (ASX:SIS) is an Australian software company focused on energy management and Internet of Things solutions. The Simble Energy Platform or ‘SimbleSense’ is an integrated hardware and real-time software solution that enables businesses to visualise, control and monetise their energy systems. The Company’s Software as a Service (SaaS) platform has Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities and empowers enterprises and consumers to remotely automate energy savings opportunities to reduce their energy bill. Simble operates in the Residential, SME and Commercial & Industrial market and targets the distribution of its platform through channel partners. Simble has an international presence with offices in Sydney (Australia), London (UK) and Da Nang (Vietnam).

About MTA Energy:

MTA Energy Pty Ltd was established in 2018 with a vision that innovation in the Demand side of the electricity market can contribute significantly to decarbonisation of the electricity sector whilst simultaneously contributing solutions to the emerging grid supply and stability issues. MTA Energy uniquely services the needs of commercial and industrial customers by leveraging emerging technologies for load analysis and control, coupled with onsite renewable generation and storage, which is then integrated into an innovative electricity retail supply solution. By utilising this approach customers can significantly reduce their electricity consumption, cost and carbon footprint.

Media Contacts:

Simble Solutions Limited: Fadi Geha, Founder & Executive Director, Simble

M +61 411 141 065 E

MTA Energy Pty Ltd: Gareth Mann, Managing Director

P +61 2 8363 1310 E


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