Integrated Energy Solutions

MTA Energy is an integrated energy services and energy supply company, focused on the medium sized Commercial/Industrial sector. MTA is able to provide to clients a single integrated service which combines Energy Efficiency Technologies (including load control, monitoring and reporting via IoT devices), with Distributed Energy Resource Technologies (Solar PV & Storage) coupled with an ‘in front of meter” Retail solution. This “wrapping” of multiple elements enables customers to rapidly reduce their electricity costs and obtain greater control of their costs at the lower level. 


Through the development of customer-based Distributed Energy Resource networks (across multiple sites) incorporating demand management, solar generation and batteries, MTA provides its customers with renewable energy, at a lower price and with high levels of price predictability. This approach coupled with the emerging grid need for substantial Distributed Energy Resources and Demand Management capability to provide Dispatchable Energy Capacity to the NEM, provides MTA with multiple avenues to develop cost reduction strategies for its customers. The retail electricity license allows MTA Energy to co-ordinate client consumption, energy efficient strategies and generation across multiple sites from a single platform.  


  • MTA Energy currently holds a Retailer Authorisation from the Australian Energy Regulator (effective 4th November 2019) 


  • MTA Energy is a Registered Market Participant in the National Energy Market (effective 20 January 2020)   


  • MTA Energy is approved as a Special Purpose Participant of the ASX, Austraclear System (effective 3 December 2019)  


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