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Capral Ltd Signs Integrated Electricity Supply Agreement with MTA Energy

Updated: May 24, 2021

As an authorized electricity retailer operating in the National Electricity Market, MTA Energy has created a unique offering for commercial and industrial customers. We have integrated wholesale electricity market access with a high service level delivery model that leverages data analytics, a cloud-based EMS system and (as required) solar PV and demand management. The net result is significant reductions in electricity consumption levels and costs, driven by increased visibility of load dynamics and wholesale market access. The flow-on benefits from the data analytics and MTA’s spot market access also include verifiable and accurate carbon emissions tracking, which in turn leads to reduced carbon offset costs.

MTA has been working with Capral since September 2020. The initial project focused on the benefits of installing the MTA, Energy Management System (EMS) on the Capral, Line 3, Extrusion Press at its Penrith facility. The MTA EMS system utilises Simble’s Energy & IoT Analytics (SimbleSense) adapted by MTA to suit the site-specific requirements and Capral’s objectives.

The EMS installation effectively fully instruments the site loads enabling increased visibility of the press dynamics as well as identifying areas of future opportunity for load & demand management. This knowledge will become increasingly important in the wholesale electricity market going forward.

The initial role has now been expanded to include the integration of the system with the MTA Electricity Market access model and ongoing system management.

MTA is very pleased to be awarded this contract and we look forward to delivering increased visibility and significant cost reductions to Capral.

“Along with the welcome cost reductions associated with the MTA Electricity Retail Model, the increased visibility on our consumption patterns, potential areas of savings and ongoing management of this essential service will be a significant benefit.”

– Richard Axe, Manager National Extrusion Business

Graph 1. Load Diagnostics by MTA Energy


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